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Basmati - Golden Sella Basmati Rice Specification: Moisture: 13% max. Broken :1% (maximum) on the basis of 2/3 Foreign Matter: 0.25% (maximum) Goldenness: 38-40 KETT Paddy Grains: Nill Red Streak: Nill Moisture: 13.0% (maximum) Color: Dark Golden, Grain: Long, thin and slender Rice in Different Languages : Spanish: arroz French: riz German: Reis Swedish: ris Arabic: أرز - arz Dutch: rijst Croatian: riža Russian: рис Chinese : 白饭 - Báifàn Ukrainan: рис Telugu: వరి - Vari Hindi: चावल - chaaval Malayalam: അരി - ari Marathi: तांदूळ - Tāndūḷa Latin: rice Persian: برنج – Other Details: The milling procedure of Golden Sella Rice differentiates itself from any other form of rice. It is ensured that the paddy is first steamed and further dried, for the purpose of milling. Later the rice is gently parboiled to lock-in the nutrients. we are engaged in offering Golden Sella Basmati Rice. It takes less time to cook. Owing to the zero adulteration, superior quality and economical price, the offered rice is extremely popular among our precious customers. This rice is widely demanded worldwide due to its delicious taste, distinctive fragrance and high energy content
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