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FENUGREEK SEEDS Name in different languages: Spanish: SEMILLAS DE FENOGRECO French: GRAINES DE FENUGREC German: Bockshornkleesamen Swedish: fenegreekfrön Arabic: بذور الحلبة Dutch: fenegriekzaden Croatian: sjemenke piskavice Russian: Семена пажитника Chinese : 胡芦巴种子 Ukrainan: насіння пажитника Telugu: ఉల్లిపాయ విత్తనాలు Hindi: मेथी बीज Urdu: منجمد بیج Malayalam: ഉലുവ Marathi: मेथीचे दाणे Latin: feni Graeci Specification: Origin: Gujarat – India Purity: 99.5% / 99% / 98% Type: Sortex Cleaned/ Machine Cleaned Packing: 25/50 Kg or As Per Buyer Requirement Other Details: Fenugreek Powder also known as Methi Powder and Trigonella Foenum Graecum is a wonder herb and a very popular vegetable used in India. Seeds of Methi are generally used as a condiment and for flavoring. The regular long term use of methi seeds and its powder helps to maintain cholesterol level which is already in the normal range. Methi is rich in Proteins, Calcium, Phosphorus and Iron in their natural forms.
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